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HDMI Endzone Camera for 

Hudl Sideline


Our best-selling unit is designed for replay systems, wired with HDMI cables and connects directly into Hudl Sideline.    

7" HD monitor.

$4400 if you are a Hudl Subscriber.

Wifi Endzone Camera

This camera creates a wifi signal to connect to your iPad for monitoring.  Our fastest set-up with only one cable.  Not for use with in-game replay systems, simply upload film after the game.

Your iPad or iPhone or other device.

$3800 if you are a Hudl Subscriber

Pro Endzone Camera

Our premium unit is wired with HDMI for use with Hudl Sideline.  This pro version ships with your choice of a Sony 4K camera or Canon Vixia G20.   Also includes a second cable system.

7" HD monitor

$5849 if you are a Hudl Subscriber

All of our ENDZONE CAMERAS have 25 foot steel towers made in the USA, HD Sony Camera, robotic head control, rain cover, extra batteries, Pelican case and ALL accessories.  Each unit sets-up in less than 5 minutes before each game.  Price includes FedEx shipping.