“I feel like I’ve been living in the dark ages, this is the greatest tool we have ever had... I don’t care if I ever see a press box film again, Ionly want to see the view from the endzone camera.”
- Jack Hankins, Thomasville High School, Alabama

“The endzone camera is phenomenal... The coaches are very impressed.Our line coach said, ‘I’ve been waiting 10 years for game tape like this!’He played for the NY Giants & Atlanta Falcons.”
- Bob Tigert, California

“The endzone camera is the single best piece of equipment we have purchased at our high school.It has cut down on our teaching time with our players because now coaches on our staff can quickly identify problems or flaws in technique that the press box view simply did not give to us.I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to become more efficient with their review of game and practice film.”
- John Konecki, Chicago, Head Coach Swedish Men’s National Team, Head Coach Chicago Force, Head Coach for Crete-Monee High School

“Now that’s service! You’re my hero. When my opposing coaches ask about my new endzone camera, they will get your company’s name and info with a glowing recommendation from me.”
- Ben Williamson, Georgia, The Walker School

“We are very pleased with our purchase of the endzone camera. We use it at practice, JV games and Varsity games. It is easy to move from field to field and takes minutes to set up. It also helps us to prepare game plans and make corrections with our athletes about their techniques.The customer service is also top shelf.Any questions we have called about have been answered within minutes of our call.”
- Buddy Holder, Effingham County High School, Assistant Football Coach

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